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My name is Jody Foss. I was born in 1954 and asked my parents for a pony as soon as I could get the words out. When I was thirteen, my fantasy came true. Family friends gave me and my friend Laurie two ponies and from then on I could be found on the fire roads above La Canada, California, riding the high chaparral.

Now, two little donkeys and seven mules of all ages and descriptions grace our pasture. We call our place The Diamond Hitch and each evening at dusk the mules pick their way up the sage-covered hillside. Mavis in the lead, then Brighty, followed by Webster, Nadine, Juanita Jo, Chester, Coco and the donkeys Olivia and Linguine trailing behind.

Titles from Mules Across America Publishing:

Mules Across the Great Wide Open

In the Company of Mules

cover of Mules Across the Great Wide Open cover of In the Company of Mules

by Jody Foss

Softback, $20 including shipping

by Jody Foss

Softback, $23 including shipping

Mules Across America Publishing

is proud to announce the arrival of
Ethel Kurland's book

The Courage of Ignorance

cover of The Courage of Ignorance

by Ethel Kurland

Softback, $20 including shipping

Jody's mule adventure books are illustrated by Tennesee mule artist Bonnie Shields.